Rabid Love

Rabid-Love Rabid Love is one of those movies I had never heard of, but stumbled upon while searching for horror movies on Amazon Prime. It was a weird movie. I’m not really sure if anything other than the word “weird” could describe this one. Perhaps the word “trippy”… I would give this one 2 out of 5 knives. None of the actors in this film were actors I recognized.

The movie, I believe, is supposed to take place in the 80s. I came to this conclusion based on the clothing and the music. Speaking of music, let’s take a moment to discuss how they used the music in this movie. The music in this film comes on at really weird times and the choices of music they use are also weird. I’m a music lover, but they put it in such weird places that I found myself thinking “what the hell” a lot. Really, the movie’s whole vibe is sort of weird. I would say it’s because of when it takes place, but I don’t think all 80s horror movies are this weird. Maybe it’s the whole weird-guy-in-the-woods-who-wants-to-do-experiments-the-government-said-no-to-years-ago thing that is throwing me off? I don’t know. What I just said is basically the plot. A group of young people go out into the woods for a relaxing vacation, but everything gets weird when they meet a stranger who says he is up there to take pictures of wild life. He is weird from the get go and I have no idea why anyone would trust someone giving off such bad vibes. Of course, if they didn’t stupidly trust him, there wouldn’t be much of a movie. The plot wasn’t necessarily a bad one. I just think it could have been better executed. I could do without the odd placement of music too.

Overall, the movie wasn’t terrible, but it also wouldn’t be on my list of favorites either. On the Scare Scale, I’d say Kayleen and Simone could watch it. It’s a little gory, but I never found myself jumping or anything. It was too weird to be scary, if that makes any sense. I suppose I might recommend this to someone who is a big fan of 80s horror. Just remember that I warned you it is weird…

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